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Why our Clients love to work with us.

In this age of consumerism, events & Exhibition have become the normal parts of corporate world where they require a platform or marketing tools to spread the products directly to the consumers.

Solide Productions has been providing rental sound, light a/v support equipment for prestigious events and the success of which has gained us credit among-est our clients and praise from the industry.

We are committed to providing you with reliable, professional and high quality sound, light & support systems. Prompt technical support and flawless solutions to all your event production needs. Whatever genre of event you are planning, we will mold all your requirements within your budget and give that aesthetic touch and ensure your event is outstanding.

We have an enormous range of sound, light & a/v inventory and these are  set-up and operated by skilled engineers and technician.

From you initial discussion, throughout planning, implementation and delivery of the job, our approach to the client is realistic, professional and punctual.

Not only do we work closely with the corporate event planners to stage memorable meetings, we do it in a way that makes your job a whole lot easier:

CONCEPT CREATION: We don’t simply ask, “What do you want us to do?” We engage our minds, our curiosity, our creativity and you. We learn everything we can about your corporate culture, and we make sure we understand your goals. So say goodbye to the “same-old same-old.” Let’s put our heads together, and deliver a message that’s uniquely yours.

DESGIN : Venue selection. Lighting and set design. Talent management. Speech writing. Graphics. Multimedia productions. Our corporate event planners will do as much or as little as needed to connect all the dots before your big event.

DELIVERY: Solide helps you plan your event, design it, and deliver it. So when the big day arrives, you have an event planning company that can handle all the details, turn ideas into action and bring your audience to its feet.

What sets Solide apart from other corporate event planning companies?

LOWER COST: Larger companies with on-staff event planners have to bill their clients more to defray the costs of inevitable down time. Solide charges only for the creative specialists directly involved in your event production and only for the actual hours spent on it.

THE PERSONAL TOUCH: Everyone in the Solide team rallies behind your event. But to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, one dedicated person answers directly to you. Your phone calls get answered. Your emails are replied to promptly. Your input is embraced.

ONE STOP EVENT PLANNING: Why waste time running in circles looking for individual event production services when you can make one call to Solide? We take care of everything from strategy, stage design and audio-visuals, to message development, talent booking and much more.

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