Dubai International Film Festival

Client Dubai International Film Festivel
Event DIFF Closing Ceremony/party 2013
Venue Sky Dive Dubai
Attendees 3000 VIP attendees

Technical event production management.
Show was confirmed 2 days prior of the event date. The past years the set-up for the same event was done in more of a club style with small speakers installed throughout the venue (Lawn & Beach Area). This year (being our 1st year)we had to show the difference and hence we made it more of a concert set-up with 12 Vdosc Line array speakers and 8 subs and more 6nos used as delays. The Sound was all over crisp & loud.

To our surprise the client had a 4 piece band on board and we had to make arrangements for the same a day prior to the event. As the whole set-up was made keeping in mind that only DJ is suppose to spin the night.

The Band had to be time aligned carefully as they were performing in front of the main PA almost 40m. That was a ‘Task’. And was successfully managed by SOLIDE engineer’s and crew.